4 Right Hand Techniques of Derek Trucks, Ry Cooder and Blake Mills

Right hand technique is one of the most important elements of playing slide guitar. Well, I should say picking hand technique to be politically correct for all the left handed players out there. These lessons will be useful to you if you already have some string dampening basics down, but are looking to get more tonal character out of the way you are striking the strings.

I broke it down into 4 short videos based around some key techniques that I see in three of my favorite players; Derek Trucks, Ry Cooder and Blake Mills. I picked these three because, Trucks and Cooder are two of the most influential slide players of all time and Mills seems to have developed a technique that meshes their two styles together beautifully. 

PS- I should probably change the thumbnail for each of these videos. My face is awkward in all of them.