One Easy Technique to Control Overtones on Slide

To be honest, the title of this lesson video is a little misleading. Although this technique does create more overtones, what is really being controlled is which strings are being aloud to vibrate. 

The easiest way to get started with this concept is to allow the note an octave above the note you are playing to vibrate. It sounds more confusing than it actually is, trust me. Check out the explanation in the video and let me know if you have any questions! 

4 Right Hand Techniques of Derek Trucks, Ry Cooder and Blake Mills

Right hand technique is one of the most important elements of playing slide guitar. Well, I should say picking hand technique to be politically correct for all the left handed players out there. These lessons will be useful to you if you already have some string dampening basics down, but are looking to get more tonal character out of the way you are striking the strings.

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4 Ways Derek Trucks Can Tell A Story

This is a phrase in the style of Derek Trucks-  it is more or less copped from a solo he took on the Elmore James tune “The Sky is Crying” with  performed his group, The Tedeschi Trucks Band. Derek's playing on this resonates with me for a few reasons:

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Had this idea in my head for over a year and I finally finished turning it into an actual song not too long ago. So, I figured I would make a short video...This tune is going to be on my next EP.

One of the most influential albums to me was Bill Frisell's Nashville. I reference that album for its amazing melodies and musicianship constantly. That record sent me down a path into folk and roots music that I am still on today. It features Victor Krauss and Jerry Douglas quite a bit. I feel like this song comes from listening to that record countless times over the last 8 years or so. 

I also used a variation of this melody on a co-write I did with Nashville based singer/songwriter Mia Rose. I hope she does something with that song one day, her lyrics are beautiful!


Keeler Push Overdrive Demo

Here is a demo I made back in 2014 of the Keeler Push Overdrive. Thanks to Wil Houchens for mixing, Ciaran Carmichael for filming and Nate Felty (drums) and Kevin Gift (bass) for playing! I was mostly playing my strat though my Bogner back then. I ended up selling the bogner and modifying the strat... I have no regrets about either! I also ended up selling that thinline used in the last segment, I kind of miss that one but I just wasn't playing that much and used the money to get a '68 bandmaster instead!